An Approach to The Book of Mormon Geography

Location of the Lamanites (Points 6—10)

The idle Lamanites dwelt in tents in the wilderness areas along the west coasts of their lands and on the east coast where they had been driven by the Nephites. The western coastal locations included the wilderness west of the land of Zarahemla (the cape “round about”), the wilderness west of the land of Nephi, and the area along the western seashore in the place of their father Lehi’s first landing. The relative locations of the idle Lamanites position the landing site on the west coast of the southern extent of Baja California. Note that the Nephites, when located in the land of Zarahemla, were surrounded by the Lamanites on three sides.
The location of the idle Lamanites within the larger Land of Nephi.
Updated: Tuesday, 13 July 2010

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Location of the Lamanites (Points 6—10)