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We know the Book of Mormon to be a true and correct account of the Nephite and Jaredite cultures and civilizations. We also believe that the most important contribution of the Book of Mormon is not it’s geography or its cultural and historical details, but its clear and masterful contributions to our understanding of gospel doctrines of salvation, correct principles of behavior, and the consequences of unrighteous choices. We believe that the geography of the Book of Mormon can ultimately help in understanding the doctrines taught in the Book of Mormon, in the same way that the geography of biblical lands helps to understand the doctrine of the Bible.

Research Team

Lynn A. Rosenvall (Cardston, Alberta)
  • Ph.D University of California at Berkeley. B.Sc. and M.Sc University of Utah.
  • Professor of Geography and administrator at the University of Calgary (Retired).
  • Taught undergraduate and graduate courses for 40 years on historical geography, the human environment, the physical environment, the world’s climates, the geography of world affairs, and the geography of Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.

David L. Rosenvall (Pleasant Grove, Utah)
  • MBA Brigham Young University, B.Eng University of Calgary.
  • Founder of several computer-based companies. Currently founder and Chief Technological Officer of Imergent Inc. (StoresOnline.com).


Many talented people have contributed to this project and the development of the Internet web site. We profoundly appreciate their dedicated volunteer service and express our sincere thanks.
Updated: Friday, 25 April 2014

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