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Searching for Book of Mormon Ruins
What should we expect to find? Have you seen an ancient Nephite building? What did it look like? Did it match a description in the Book of Mormon, or did it match an artist’s depiction of what a Nephite structure is expected to look like?
What led you to Baja California as a potential site for the Book of Mormon lands?
We are a father and son team who have spent our careers as a university professor of human, physical and historical geography, a computer engineer with pioneering work on the Internet, and as computer specialists for two major projects on the text of the Book of Mormon.
Do you have archaeological evidence for your proposal?
Yes. There are ancient records that have come from the ground. These ancient records are collectively called the Book of Mormon, which is an 1829 translation of these records describing several past cultures and civilizations spanning thousands of years.
Why haven’t others proposed Baja California as the location of the Book of Mormon lands?
We have asked ourselves this same question many times. May we propose some possible explanations. First, we have new, computer-based research tools that didn't exist even a few years ago: The unbelievable potential and power of the images of the earth’s surface in the Google Earth Internet applic

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