Environmental Evidences

Confirming “Fingerprints” for Locating Book of Mormon Lands
Jerusalem’s location is 32 degrees north of the Equator and 35 degrees east of Greenwich, and the location of Salt Lake City is 41 degrees north and 112 degrees west. If we only knew the latitude and longitude coordinates for the city of Zarahemla it would be rather effortless to locate the Book of Mormon lands. But we don’t. The Book of Mormon account, however, provides numerous pieces of environmental information that serve as surrogate markers for global positioning. This trove of geographical signposts are like fingerprints or clues leading to the scene of the Book of Mormon lands and confirming their location on the earth’s surface—and this geographical evidence has latitude and longitude perimeters attached to it. Thus by using climate descriptions, the habitats of plants and animals, and the locations of mineral deposits, seacoasts and mountainous terrain we can establish environmental patterns or fingerprints that, in turn, can be matched to locations on the earth. And, hopefully, through this process a single geographical region would surface that matched all the patterns of the various pieces of evidence. This region, by induction, would then be the scene for the Book of Mormon lands of the record keepers—such as Nephi, Alma, Mormon and Ether.
Updated: Tuesday, 24 June 2014

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Environmental Evidences