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Searching for Book of Mormon Ruins
What should we expect to find? Have you seen an ancient Nephite building? What did it look like? Did it match a description in the Book of Mormon, or did it match an artist’s depiction of what a Nephite structure is expected to look like?
A Choice Land: The Book of Mormon Geography
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This section provides a link to our introductory article, An Approach to the Book of Mormon Geography, and links to supplementary articles that expand on geographical topics introduced in this leading article. It is recommended that the introductory article be read first.
An Approach to The Book of Mormon Geography
A Land Choice Above All Other Lands The Book of Mormon story happened somewhere. It had to have a location. But where? It is our assertion that the heartlands of the Book of Mormon peoples—the Nephites, the Lamanites, the Jaredites and the people of Mulek—were located in what is now the peninsul
Has your work provided any insights into how the Book of Mormon was translated by the Prophet Joseph Smith?
When we started our work of establishing a location for the Book of Mormon lands, we often consulted the Oxford English Dictionary for appropriate definitions of geographical words in the Book of Mormon text.
What led you to Baja California as a potential site for the Book of Mormon lands?
We are a father and son team who have spent our careers as a university professor of human, physical and historical geography, a computer engineer with pioneering work on the Internet, and as computer specialists for two major projects on the text of the Book of Mormon.
The Narrow Neck of Land
A Touchstone of Book of Mormon Geography Since the coming forth of the Book of Mormon in 1830 a narrow neck of land has been a touchstone of its geography. It is the physical feature most readily perceived in the mental maps of Book of Mormon readers.
Prophesied Cursing and Blessing of Book of Mormon Lands
Cursing: And I will lay [my vineyard] waste; it shall not be pruned nor digged; but there shall come up briers and thorns; I will also command the clouds that they rain no rain upon it. (2 Nephi 15:6 and Isaiah 5:6) Blessing: For the Lord shall comfort Zion, he will comfort all her waste places;
Maps and Illustrations
The geography of the earth’s surface is best portrayed by maps and other visual illustrations. We have provided images of contemporary and historical maps of Baja California, along with images of our own maps based on satellite photography. We will be adding more items to this page.
The written pages of a static web site are limited and lifeless. We have found that the best way to introduce our proposal is by a live, dynamic presentation with maps, graphs, and the actual text of scriptural references.
About Us
The Olive Leaf Foundation An Organization Dedicated to the Development of Innovative Scripture Study Resources We know the Book of Mormon to be a true and correct account of the Nephite and Jaredite cultures and civilizations.
Jared, his Brother and their Friends
A Geographical Analysis of the Book of Ether = We are frequently asked how the Jaredite story in the Book of Ether fits into our geography of the Book of Mormon lands, and by what route the Jaredites would have reached Baja California.
The River Sidon
A Key to Unlocking Book of Mormon Lands =Alma baptized in its waters. Armies crossed it multiple times in a single battle. Hills and valleys flanked its banks. The cities of Zarahemla and Gideon were positioned on opposite sides of its course.
Do you have archaeological evidence for your proposal?
Yes. There are ancient records that have come from the ground. These ancient records are collectively called the Book of Mormon, which is an 1829 translation of these records describing several past cultures and civilizations spanning thousands of years.
What have you discovered about the geography of the numerous wars and conflicts in the Book of Mormon account?
Many of the geographical descriptions in the Book of Mormon revolve around military conflicts. For example, the account of the battle near hill Riplah, between the Nephites and the Lamanites, provides an abundance of geographical descriptions that we have matched to a prominent hill.
Do you consider your proposal to be a limited geographical model?
We don’t think of our proposal as a model. A model is a simplified representation or example of reality. All of our work has been an attempt to directly match the proposed area of Baja California to the Book of Mormon account. There has never been a need to have a model.
What would you suggest as the most important evidences or strengths in your proposal?
We would suggest this as the key evidence: In our proposal all possible geographical features and descriptions appear to match the proposed area 100 percent. This border to border and top to bottom alignment of features seems to us as far more significant than any single evidence or set of evidenc
Your proposed river Sidon is not flowing northward. Why is this contrary to what is portrayed on many Book of Mormon maps?
Yes, this is true on both counts. Our proposed river Sidon, the Rio San Ignacio, does not flow northward. And we also hasten to point out that we have found no clear evidence in the Book of Mormon account that indicates which direction the river of Sidon flows.

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