Do you consider your proposal to be a limited geographical model?

We don’t think of our proposal as a model. A model is a simplified representation or example of reality. All of our work has been an attempt to directly match the proposed area of Baja California to the Book of Mormon account. There has never been a need to have a model. A model is a partial representation of reality. Our goal has never been a partial match but a 100 percent match. We like to refer to our proposal as comprehensive—sea to sea, land to land, feature to feature and scale to scale. In other words, the proposed area should match all the possible geographical descriptions and distances outlined in the Book of Mormon not just those that happened within a limited area or time period or fit a certain model. We should be quick to note, however, that individual events and individual time periods of Book of Mormon history happened in specific and very limited areas, such as the battles waged around the hill Riplah and the hill Amnihu. At other times, nearly the entire area was occupied simultaneously. It is like the geography and history of the Bible lands—it happened in limited areas at times and then extended to a much larger geographical region at other times.
Updated: Tuesday, 13 July 2010

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Do you consider your proposal to be a limited geographical model?