What have you discovered about the geography of the numerous wars and conflicts in the Book of Mormon account?

Many of the geographical descriptions in the Book of Mormon revolve around military conflicts. For example, the account of the battle near hill Riplah, between the Nephites and the Lamanites, provides an abundance of geographical descriptions that we have matched to a prominent hill. We have also matched details of other military battles to specific locations. The results of our work are scheduled to appear on this web site, along with maps, pictures and video presentations.

In our work on the geography of the Book of Mormon wars and conflicts, the following war principles became apparent. Knowledge of these principles was invaluable in unraveling the geographical details of military battles.

  1. The Lamanites appointed apostate Nephites as their military generals and leaders because they were more wicked and ferocious than the Lamanites, and they knew the vulnerabilities of the Nephites.
  2. The Lamanites, when under the command of the apostate Nephites, fought for power, pride and bondage. The Nephites when righteous fought for their liberty, country, families and religion.
  3. The righteous Nephites were successful if they went to war with the Lord’s permission, even though their numbers were far fewer than the Lamanites. Without the Lord’s approval they always failed. The Lord’s permission was only granted after the third offense of their enemy; thus their wars were not preemptive and were always fought on Nephite territory.
  4. The Lord, through his prophets, inspired the righteous Nephites with superior military intelligence, armor and strategies which they combined with their own natural abilities.
  5. The Nephite wars were the consequence of unrighteousness among the Nephite people. Thus the wars described in the Book of Mormon are not righteous Nephites battling wicked Lamanites, but an unrighteous Nephite people being humbled, decimated or annihilated by a wicked element of the Lamanites in fulfillment of the warnings and prophecies of the Lord through his prophets.
  6. Through most of the their history, the Lamanites were a righteous people, and as a consequence, their descendants were preserved to receive the gospel in the latter-days. The Nephite civilization, because the people transgressed against greater light and knowledge, was destroyed. Only a few Nephites survived the annihilation of their society.

Examples of the implementation of these principles are best found in Alma, chapter 43. Today we are engaged in all kinds of wars, especially our children and grandchildren. These war principles will not only help us better understand the Book of Mormon story, but they will also help us win the wars we are waging today, not only on the ground but in our hearts.
Updated: Tuesday, 13 July 2010

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What have you discovered about the geography of the numerous wars and conflicts in the Book of Mormon account?