Do you have evidence from other disciplines such as archaeology, anthropology, geology and botany?

We welcome collaborative evidence for our proposed location of the Book of Mormon lands from any discipline. Truth is truth, and truth embraces truth, regardless of its origin.

We not only welcome collaborative evidence but fully expect such evidence will come forth. We are in the beginning phases of this work and are attempting to quickly expand our own foundation of supportive information. We would eagerly work with any who could expand this knowledge base.

But we contend that collaborating evidence from cognate disciplines should be based on a correct geographic location. It does no good to spend resources of money and time in an area of the earth’s surface that does not match the applicable geographical descriptions in the Book of Mormon account. This account is our sole source of geographical information. All evidence has to match or directly relate to the Book of Mormon record. This is why we have focused our attention on locations within Baja California. We should avoid stretching the Book of Mormon account to fit a hoped-for location or a desired bit of evidence.

We should note that our situation parallels the challenges faced by those seeking collaborative evidence for the location of Biblical places. Scholars have found that geographical confirmation of Biblical locations must precede supportive evidence from other disciplines. For those interested in this topic, we would recommend an article on this subject: Historic Archaeology and the Geographic Imperative, by John A. Tvedtnes.
Updated: Tuesday, 13 July 2010

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Do you have evidence from other disciplines such as archaeology, anthropology, geology and botany?